Board of Directors

Code of Conduct
Board Members need to demonstrate ethical and professional conduct to maintain the confidence of the membership and the public. This commitment includes proper use of authority and appropriate actions in group and individual behavior when acting as a Board Member.
Board members must be loyal to the interest of the membership over and above any personal interest.
Board members are trustees of public confidence and securities. They must avoid any conflict of interest.
There must be no self-dealing or any conduct of private business or personal services between the board members and the society. Exceptions can occur only when there is openness, competitive opportunity and equal access to information.
Individual Board Members do not have any authority to speak for the Society when they interact with the public, the press and other entities unless granted this authority by the whole board.

Pam Schiwinsky

Executive Director/Chairperson
• Leadership for the board of directors
• Ensures the board adheres to the bylaws and constitution
• Prepares agenda
• Chairs Board meeting
• Keeps Board discussion on topic
• Keeps board activities focused
• Evaluates the effectiveness of the board decision-making process
• Orients board member’s
• Attends committee members meeting when needed.
• Ensures Society financial statements prepared and filed.
• Makes sure there is a process to evaluate the effectiveness of the Board members, using measurable criteria.
• Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time specific goals. SMART

Darrell Barr

Vice Chair

  • Acts in the absence of the Chairperson

• Learns the duties of the Chairperson and keeps informed on key issues
• Works closely as consultant and adviser to the Chairperson
• Prepares to serve a future term as Chairperson


Linnea Baldwin
Board Secretary
• Keeps copies of the organizations bylaws and policy
• Keeps list of board members, committee and general membership
• Notifies Board of meetings
• Brings official minutes book to meeting
• Keeps record of board attendance
• Makes sure there is a quorum at the board meetings
• Keeps accurate minutes of the meeting
• Records all motions and decisions of the meetings
• Signs board minutes to attest to accuracy
• Renews Society Corporation registration
• Renews Society insurance coverage
• Obtains required documentation to retain Non- profit/Society status from CRA and Alberta Govt.

Director of Committee
• Reviews the terms of reference and mandate of the committee as outlined by the board
• Recruits and appropriate number of committee members to carry out the mandate
• Orients members to the committee mandate and position on the organization
• Calls committee meetings and develops agendas
• Keeps discussion on topic
• Delegates appropriate tasks to individual committee members
• Manage the roles on the committee

Director of Volunteers:

Director of Marketing: Dean Albiston

Director of Auction: Debbie Durocher

Director of Sponsorship:

Director of Production:

Director of Transportation: Doug Klementovich

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